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Revised 1833 Webster Version with Strong's numbers

Revised Standard Version with paragraph indication.

The Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version 1952 (RSV), the authorized revision of the American Standard Version of 1901.

User download this module MUST sign the User Agreement form at\r\nhttp://www.ccel.org/olb/tolbss/components/txt/rsv.txt and send back to Center for Computer Analysis of Texts (CCAT) prior to use.

Revised King James New Testament, 2000 Edition, edited by Brad Haugaard.

As in the 1998 edition, it maintain the feel of the King James Version, frequently using British spellings, and including much of the KJV syntax and even some antiquated words. It used the masculine in the old, gender-inclusive sense. Brackets [ ] enclose passages that are generally omitted in modern translations. The RKJ New Testament was developed using various modern translations but did not return to the original languages in developing it.

Restored Name King James Version


  • Reference Footnotes
  • Paragraph Indication
  • Italic indication in <>

Description: The RNKJV uses the KJV but restores the names of God to their original forms. For example, where the KJV renders yod-he-vav-he (YHWH) "the LORD", the RNKJV renders it "Yahweh". (NB: Actually it renders it yod-he-vav-he now.) Similarly, other Hebrew names like "Elohim" (God/Mighty One(s)) are left in their Hebrew form. The Greek work "Iesous" (Jesus) is also restored to its Hebrew/Aramaic form: "Yahushua".

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James Murdock's Translation of the Syriac Peshitta with footnotes and italic by <>.

A Literal Translaiton from the Syriac Peshito Version by James Murdock.

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