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The Emphasized Bible for Bible+

The Emphasized Bible with paragraph, italic, underline and cite indication.


The Bible text designated Rotherham is from The Emphasized Bible by J.B. Rotherham, originally published by Samuel Bagster and Sons in 1902.


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Revised Standard Version for Bible+

Revised Standard Version with paragraph indication.

The Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version 1952 (RSV), the authorized revision of the American Standard Version of 1901.

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Revised Webster Version + Strong's for Bible+
Revised 1833 Webster Version with Strong's numbers
Twentieth Century NT for Bible+

Twentieth Century New Testament with footnotes and paragraph indication.


This translation had its origin in the discovery that the English of the Authorized Version, though valued by the more educated reader for its antique charm, is in many passages difficult for those who are less educated, or is even unintelligible to them. The retention, too, of a form of English no longer in common use gives the impression that the contents of the Bible have little to do with life of our own day. The Greek used by the New Testament writers was not the Classical Greek of some centuries before, but the form of the language then spoken.

The constant effort of the translators was to exclude all words and phrases not used in current English. However, an older phraseology was used in rendering poetical passages and quotations from the Old Testament and in the language of prayer.

The Authorized Version came from several versions going back to Tyndale, Wycliffe, and a Latin version. This version is not a revision of an older one, but was made directly from the Greek. It is not a paraphrase and is more than a literal translation. Emphasis was placed on every word.

The text of Westcott and Hort was followed. This is considered the purest Greek text and the last and best of the Greek New Testament. The usual grouping of the books was kept, but in chronological order in each group.\r\n\r\nFleming H. Revell Company (1904)

Tyndale Bible for Bible+

William Tyndale Bible.


William Tyndale\s 1525 New Testament and 1530 Pentateuch.

This electronic edition contains only Genesis,  the Gospels, Acts, Romans,  1st Corinthians, Hebrews, and Revelation from Tyndale's Bible.

World English Bible for Bible+

World English Bible with footnotes, paragraph and italics indication as well as formatted text.


The World English Bible is a 1997 revision of the American Standard Version of the Holy Bible, first published in 1901.

World English Bible (Red Letter) for Bible+

World English Bible with Words of Christ in Red.

Description:  The World English Bible is a 1997 revision of the American Standard Version of the Holy Bible, first published in 1901.

Note:  This module will work ONLY with Bible+ version 3.1.7-Alpha and above.

Webster Bible for Bible+

Webster Bible with "not in original text" indication.


The Holy Bible, containing the old and new testaments, in the common version.  With amendments fo the language, by Noah Webster, LL. D.

Weymouth NT for Bible+

Weymouth New Teatament with paragraph and cite indication


New Testament in modern speech by Richard F. Weymouth, 3rd Edition (1912)--Revised & edited E. Hampden-Cooke

Young's Literal Translation for Bible+
Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible with paragraph indication.
International Standard Version Old Testament Sampler, version 1.4.4
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